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Universal Third Brake Light

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    Partsam Third Brake Light is known for providing the best quality truck accessories for truck owners. Our customers trust us above any other truck accessories establishment to provide them with excellent high-quality truck accessories. We consider our customers' safety and satisfaction as the most important things in our business. And we also work hard to deliver packages as soon as we can. Our product expert has a vast knowledge in all types of truck accessories from accents to essential truck running lights and more.

  • Finding the Best Third Brake Light

    Sometimes it's hard to find the best third brake light that provide enough brightness to keep you safe and make it visible in dark and rainy conditions. It's important to know that other drivers will be able to see you from a long distance to avoid collisions. 

    We are happy to announce that we now have the third brake light with super diodes for the brightest performance! Each light panel comes with 11 diodes for the brightest look, and it can function as a marker, side marker, or clearance light. You can use it as a stop light, tail light, turn signal light, and brake light, all in one convenient solution.

    Its high brightness and easy installation make it a top choice for truck owners. And it has three wires for ground, backup, stopping, or turning. It is loaded with an all-weather housing for top durability and brightness.

    You won't get pulled over when you have this sexy brake light installed because people will be able to see you from miles away! The material is built tough to withstand terrible temperature or weather. To be frank, you can even use it in winter of Minnesota. Also it has no problem to stand the sunshine in Hawaii, the lens will not crack at all. And due to the polycarbonate lens that is sonically engineered to the housing, the lights will be less likely to be damaged.

    When you order our new third brake light, you will receive:One Red Partsam Third Brake Light Super Bright LED Surface Mount 15" (sealed and waterproof)

    partsam third brake light
  • Dimensions

    third brake light dimension
  • Attractiveness

    There are some outstanding features of this third brake light: weighs lighter, looking slimmer and taking less space. Comparing to a beautiful woman, I think it is called sexy. While driving up with this sleek looking high-profile LED light, it will catch some passer-by’s eyes. They may wonder where this guy gets this from. Some may come over and ask you about this question. So you might say this light is a cool accessory to have! It's a chick magnet!

    thin third brake light
  • Water-proof

    This third brake light reaches IP65, and its outside cover is completely sealed, just in order to make the inside LEDs work properly.

    water-proof water-proof
  • Connection Tips

    The third brake light is a versatile light that offers the super bright LED brightness for your truck that can function as any light you need. If you don't want the highest brightness level, you can switch it to the low brightness by tweaking the black wire down to the low brightness button. 

    White Wire - the Ground

    Red Wire - high brightness, 100% brightness

    Black Wire - low brightness, 50% brightness

    low brightness wire low brightness wire
    high brightness wire high brightness wire
  • Power and Performance

    It runs on 12 v of battery power (2 Watte), and you can make changes anytime by manipulating the brightness by deciding on the wire connections you want. The white wire serves as the ground wire. The red wire is the highest brightness (100%, 50 Lumen) and the black wire is the lowest brightness (50%). If you plug in all three wires to the appropriate receptors, you will get the entire lighting effect. Each wire is assigned to a different function that is considered optimal for driving safety and performance.

  • Safety First

    With this new third brake light, you won't ever have to worry whether people could see you when you are driving on the roadways. Late night driving becomes safer immediately once you install this cool lighting. Check out the pictures, and you'll see that it is a great light to own if you would like to increase your safety level while driving. With 11 super diodes, no one will say that they couldn't see your vehicle from behind. This light could help you to win an insurance case if someone stated that they did not see your brake light on! With a light this bright, no one should not be able to see it from a long distance.

  • Practical Uses

    The third brake light is great for heavy duty trucks, including peterbilt, freightliner, kenworth, waverunner, vintage, utility, harley, Konfort, motorhome and virtually any type of vehicle that you need a super bright light for. If you have a vehicle that requires the DOT lighting, then this is the brake light you are looking for.

    third brake light buyer show third brake light buyer show
  • Reviews by Owners

    On our Amazon account, these new third brake lights have earned a 4.6 out of 5.0 rating. Many of them are sharing how they love the brightness level and how safer while driving in the rainy days! Also, some guys are willing to purchase them because of the easy installation and hook. The exchange of minds from different users makes us believe that we did something good.

    Whatever the reason, if you need a great third brake light that also functions as a tail light and turn light, to increase your safety and improve the value of your vehicle, this is a great accessory for you.Be sure and check out all of our awesome truck accessories at Partsam's Truck Accessories.

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About Zach Ledford

About Zach Ledford

Zach Ledford is a guy that owns an automobile repair store in CA.He also sells some LED lights for pick-up trucks in the shop.


  • Rob Boyd says 2018-01-27 02:58

    Where are the instructions for the sku,170503 tail lights

    • Partsam says 2018-01-29 07:09

      Hi, Rob Boyd here is the wire connection tips: White- Ground Yellow - Turn/Stop Green- Turn/Stop Black- Marker/Running Lights

  • Bryan says 2018-04-30 16:34

    Taillights have a red, gray, and white wire coming off of them. Trailer wiring is One brown - taillight Yellow - stop and turn I know the white wire is the ground, but which wires do the red and gray connect to from the trailer wiring? Wish these lights came with a wiring schematic.

    • Partsam says 2018-05-02 07:56

      Thanks for your response. Here is the wire diagram. White Wire - Ground; Red Wire - high brightness; Black Wire - low brightness. There is no wire specially for turn signal and this item is used to refit cars. you can replace it on the turn signal or the running light or other light function. Hope this helps.

  • Larry says 2018-04-21 18:00

    I have a pair of 2X6 Led Brake/Turn/tail lights SKU:173780. 3 Wires, RED,BLK. and WHT. Which one is GROUND? BLK. Wire? Thank You

    • Partsam says 2018-04-26 01:32

      Wire connection Tips: White Wire is the Ground; Red Wire is the high brightness; Black Wire is the low brightness.

  • jack e enlow says 2018-08-06 00:56

    How much is the 129835?

    • Partsam says 2018-08-09 03:16

      It is $11.99 and here is our amazon link: ( )

  • Justin Groover says 2018-08-13 15:51

    Can this light be used as a marker and brake light at the same time?

    • Partsam says 2018-09-20 09:06

      yes, it can

  • Bryan B says 2018-09-01 00:15

    Looks to me that it would be easier to include wiring instructions in these kits so people would know how to hook the lights up rather than spending wasted time looking on your website and waiting for a response from a service guy!

    • Partsam says 2018-09-20 09:09

      Hi, Bryan B, we have added wiring instructions in the package recently. Sorry for the disturbance.

  • John Lesinski says 2018-09-10 17:39

    I bought the 15 inch sku-124941 to use as reverse lights wired them up won't work. But would work connected directly to battery. Put old lights back on and worked so it's not my vehicle wiring. Do I need a resistor inline? I see that some lights come with them.

    • Partsam says 2018-09-20 09:17

      We'd really appreciate if you could troubleshoot the problem by trying the following: (1. Test the light on the other car) (2. Test if they light up with DC 12V voltage) By the way, there is no need load any resistor for it.

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    • Partsam says 2018-09-20 09:16

      Hi,Brenda Nothdurft, thanks for your query, would you mind to contact us by email? Here is my email:(


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